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 Discover the secret that upgrades your metabolism to burn fat like a 20 year old!

If you’ve tried everything to shift that stubborn weight and still haven’t seen results… 

If you’re sick of feeling sluggish and dull-witted…
Then what you’re about to hear will change everything you thought about losing weight and living healthy.
Because what I’m talking about is a natural way to:
UPGRADE your metabolism…
FIRE UP your fat-burning hormones…
BOOST your energy…
FLATTEN your stomach…
Not to mention TURN AROUND the health of your heart, blood sugar, brain, sex life and more! 
And it’s all down to three common nutrients that offer generic health boosting benefits on their own but, when used together, instantly upgrade your metabolism to feast on fat – no matter what your age.   
If you’re looking for a way to turn your slow metabolism back into one that hums with fat-burning power, then L-Carni Plus has the potential to change your waistline, your body shape and your health for the better!

 Kiss your body’s worst features goodbye with the help of  an octopus, a cup of coffee, a glass of milk and West  African tree bark

So what is this incredibly easy, fast way to melt that stubborn fat for good?                                                                             
It’s SCULPT – a unique fat-burning gel that contains four of the best natural fat busters on the planet!
Ingredients so powerful, most fat-loss products contain at least one of them. But only SCULPT contains all four in the exact quantities you need to melt your stubborn fat.
Let me introduce them to you…
Ingredient #1: Octopamine unlocks your body’s own natural, effortless fat-burning power
 You probably haven’t heard of Octopamine before, but once you’ve read about it, I promise you’ll never forget the name.
 Octopamine is the organic compound found in the salivary glands of Octopi.
 And it’s one of the most effective tools for long-term fat loss there is!
 Ingredient #2: Caffeine shrinks fat cells and destroys them
 There’s a reason caffeine is the #1 ingredient in most fat-burning products.
 As David Heber, a professor of medicine and chief of clinical nutrition at UCLA, puts it: “If you put fat cells in a culture dish with caffeine, you can literally watch them release their stores of fat.”
That’s right! Caffeine acts directly on your fat cells and gives them direct orders to self-destruct!
Ingredient #3: Acetyl L-Carnitine puts the brakes on fat build-up! 
Acetyl L-Carnitine may sound like something produced in a science lab somewhere in Asia, but it’s actually the nutrient found in dairy products, beef and peanut butter.
It’s the engine that makes your body more efficient at turning fat into useful energy.
And that means it can also help you shed fat better than just about every other nutrient out there!
Ingredient #4: Yohimbine - The secret weapon that sets SCULPT apart from the other fat-loss products on the market
Yohimbine is the extracted ingredient in West African tree bark. And, it’s the secret to switching your fat-loss efforts from simmer to burn… 
A study published in the Israel Journal of Medical Sciences revealed that research participants who supplemented with Yohimbine lost 62% more fat than people who didn’t. 
Bottomline: Sculpt will help you shatter every fatty barrier in your path so you can emerge on the other side with the lean thighs, tight bum, flat tummy and slender arms you desire – in as little as 30 days!
 She's helped housewives get fit, moms shake their stubborn baby weight and even a princess get curves in all the right places.
Now it's YOUR turn to:
"Put the 'jet effect' programme to the test and get your body to melt stubborn fat on autopilot"
Guaranteed to help YOU lose up to 7% body fat in just 8 weeks

Right now, a select group of men and women have learnt how to turn their Jet Effect on…                    
Like them, once you know how to turn yours on, you’ll be able to:
Burn twice as much fat from your workout as you’re currently doing – and achieve the results you’re looking for in half the time…
Melt away the stubborn fat that seems to hang around no matter how hard you exercise…
Shave centimetres off problem areas like your bum, thighs, arms and tummy… 
Lose up to 7% body fat so you can go from flabby to 'fit' 
All in just 8 weeks…


Here’s what some of our readers have said about these products…
The stories below are evidence that everything I’m promising you is 100% true!
“After just one week, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s been seven days since I started using SCULPT and I’m blown away with the results. I applied the gel to my thighs religiously every day and already I’ve lost 1cm! Let me say that again: I LOST 1CM IN JUST ONE WEEK! I can’t wait to see how much I lose at the end of 30 days!”     
~Roxanne, Fourways

“After struggling to lose 10kg alone, Maureen’s Jet Effect programme helped me lose 7% body fat!”

~Penny, North Riding

And check out Anna’s from Joburg’s  fat loss results from the Jet Effect programme…

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